blaRUgh ok then im not gonna have her if shes gonna FICKING die im fUcks

fuCKs fUcks i hate everyThing fRiking stupid



those nerds in high school who run like this


in my middle school there was a boy who wanted to be called Sasuke Uchiha and he wore a Sasuke cosplay to school everyday and one day he did this run down the stairs and broke his arm and apparently he told the principle it was the ‘Naruto run’ and then we were all banned from wearing Naruto headbands and doing this run and Naruto was put down as gang activity at our school



homestuck things that will never get old #9508



homestuck things that will never get old #9508


i want fluffy erenxlevi kissing and cuddling and being adorababbies



Say what you want about avatar, but at least it has multiple examples of the avatar being women and/or PoC, unlike a certain other show with a reincarnating character who somehow is always a white guy. 


Hey there everyone! Since not announcing this before conventions leads to difficulty finding models, I am now going to be taking applications for private photoshoots at Katsucon!

While my pictures are not as professional as others, they are still an easy and fun way to get shots of your cosplay…

Katsucon Saturday Photoshoots


Friday is filled up for me but I still have openings for Saturday (or even sunday if you really need them)

My price is $10 for up to two persons, and $5 more per added person.

If you want to see pictures I’ve taken go here or here.

Message me/ send me an ask if you’re interested!


Katsucon line up! Bringing Starfire, Scarlet Witch & Namor for shoots! If you want to do a shoot let me know!

Friday is a Teen Titans hangout! So far I have 2 confirmed Donna Troys, a Nightwing, Raven and me as Starfire. All Titans welcome. It’s just going to be really casual so don’t worry about duplicates or anything. I want to have fun with other cosplayers, take funny photos and have a good time. Bring snacks! Party in Titans Tower wooo XD

Saturday is Women of Marvel! I’ll be hanging out with Storm, Rogue, Ms. Marvel, Sue Storm & Magneto (Erika Lensherr yep) as Scarlet Witch. If you want to join in or be a photographer message me.

Sunday I have no idea what I’m doing XD Bringing Namor for shoots with all the Sue Storms and Emma Frosts that I can possibly get my hands on. Working on 2 different Mass Effect outfits (no armor yet), and another surprise costume that will appear ;) Who’s going to Katsucon? What are you wearing? Tell meeeee